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Director’s Remarks

‘오래된 새로움의 가치’를 가지고 ‘정상을 향해 새롭게 도전’하며 ‘성장’하는 대학 창의적인 스마트 혁신을 선도

My name is Sang Hoon Bae, the director of the Center for Innovative Higher Education at Sungkyunkwan University.

Sungkyunkwan University has a history and traditions that span over 617 years. As a higher education institution, we are proud of this rich history. However, we are not afraid of change. We challenge ourselves to grow and progress forward to continue to lead creative and smart innovation. Furthermore, we strive to share and disseminate the products of our innovation and growth.
The Center for Innovative Higher Education(CIHE) is the driving force that is advancing Sungkyunkwan University forward to achieve its goals.

The CIHE is responsible for establishing the educational values and goals of Sungkyunkwan University and develops strategies to achieve these goals. Toward this end, the CIHE conducts high-quality scientific research to generate relevant research evidence that will inform the development of goals and strategies.
Moreover, the CIHE takes on the responsibility in monitoring the quality of the University’s education to check its alignment with Sungkyunkwan’s values and goals.
The CIHE takes a leading role in implementing the ‘Advancement of College Education(ACE)’ project and the ‘University of Creative Korea(CK)’ project.

The CIHE will continue its efforts to support Sungkyunkwan University in leading creative and smart innovation in higher education in Korea. Thank you for your interest and support for Sungkyunkwan University’s Center for Innovative Higher Education.

Best Wishes,

Director of the Center for Innovative Higher Education, Sungkunkwan University

Sang Hoon Bae