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  • The Educational Model for Sungkyun’s Global Creativity∙Leadership: Extra-curricular Program
  • Basics: Personal Potential

Basics: Personal Potential

  • STEP 1

  • Sugichiin (修己治人) Leadership Workshop(Ⅰ): Self Leadership

Program Introduction

  • Sugichiin (修己治人) Leadership Workshop I, “Self Leadership” is a program for self-discovery and self-discipline, developing introductory knowledge on Enneagram’s personality types and helping students recognize individual leadership styles based on their own character traits.
  • A flagship program to develop Sungkyunkwan students into potential leaders for the next generation, Sugichiin leadership potential development programs use approaches to understanding the self (‘I‘), or Sugi (修己, Cultivating Oneself), and working out successful relationships, or chiin (治人, governing others).
  • Coaching is given for the development of leadership potentials based on students’ results on the Enneagram Personality Test for personality types

Administrative Information

  • The program consists of an eight-hour module, and is opened three or four times a year.