• ACE
  • The Educational Model for Sungkyun’s Global Creativity∙Leadership: Extra-curricular Program
  • Application: Creativity∙Leadership Competence

Application: Creativity∙Leadership Competence

  • STEP 2-1

  • Sugichiin (修己治人) Leadership Workshop(Ⅱ): Effective Leadership

Program Introduction

  • The second step in Application, Sugichiin (修己治人) Leadership Workshop (Ⅱ) Effective Leadership” is an advanced program on the “Effective Leadership” workshop, aiming to foster Sungkyun Creative Leaders through the process of self-discovery and self-discipline.
  • “Effective Leadership” progresses in the form of team teaching from professional instructors based on group discussions on personality types from the Enneagram personality test. Participants from each personality type talk freely about their own personality and engage in in-depth approaches and discussions about each of the participants’ personalities.
  • Participants go through training for vision development on the basis of the assessment results for the nine Enneagram personality types, and have opportunities to set their life goals and visions with a sense of ownership over their lives.

Administrative Information

  • This program consists of a six-hour module in total, and is opened three or four times a year.