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Creativity Zone

What is the Creativity Zone?

Designed to be adequate for the educational purpose of lectures that aim to develop creativity. The Creativity Zone is a space that facilitate individual or team interactions for creative problem solving, and further promoting creative education.

Structure of the Creativity Zone

The Creativity Zone is composed of following concepts: flexibility/mobility, informal/comfortable, communication, and inspiring.

Various Ways to Use the Creativity Zone

How to Rent Space in the Creativity Zone

Please read through the application process carefully along with the points to consider before using the Creative Zone (on the Natural Sciences Campus).
※ Please contact the Central library (phone: +82-2-760-1193) for rental of the Creative Zone on the Humanities Campus.

The Process of Renting the Creativity Zone

  • Please fill out the rent request form and email it to jsy5418@skku.edu a week prior to your desired date.
  • → A confirmation email will be emailed back to applicants within three days of the date of application.
  • Please contact the security office in the Central Library for the access code or if you have any trouble in entering the Creative Zone.


  • Movable whiteboard, whiteboard on the wall, projector, electronic platform, movable desks and chairs for team activities
  • ※ Please contact the Education Support Office on the Natural Sciences Campus at +82-31-290-6999 for any inquiries on the use of equipment.

Things to Note in the Use of the Creativity Zone

  • - The Creativity Zone must be used strictly for educational activities.
  • - All users are requested to take care not to cause any damage to the facilities in the Creative Zone and, in the case of any damage, to inform the CIHE.
  • - Please turn off all lights and close all doors and windows before leaving the zone.


대학교육혁신센터 지도 맵 하단 참고
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Campus
  • 3rd Floor, Central Library, Sungkyunkwan University 25-2, Seongkyunkwan-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea
대학교육혁신센터 지도 맵 하단 참고
  • Natural Sciences Campus
  • 3rd Floor, General Studies Building 2066 Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea