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  • Creative Convergence Materials and Process CK Project Team

Creative Convergence Materials and Process CK Project Team

Educational Vision

Paradigm Shift in Convergence Materials and Processing

  • Convergence materials and processing technology are essential for new industries with the potential to secure global competitiveness, such as energy, bio, information, machinery, and automotive industries, representing a Blue Ocean for future industries and enabling product and service industries to hold guaranteed limitless value creation.
  • The need has emerged for fostering human resources in convergence materials with an understanding of, and capability for applying, convergence materials required by the nine promising industries based on basic sciences for overall materials, basic majors, and in-depth knowledge of various materials.
  • As the current curriculum is limited in fostering excellent human resources compatible with the materials and processes required by future industries, there is a need to operate a curriculum converging on the professionalism and merits of chemical engineering and new materials engineering.
Convergence Technology contents
Convergence Technology Convergence technology refers to the innovative technology secured in the merger of various systems and heterogeneous technologies to solve future economic and social issues.

[Source: The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (“Digital Convergence New Industry Promotion Strategies”)]

e.g. Google Glass: an optical head-mounted display; IT machine converged with the form of eyeglasses
Convergent Material Technology Convergent material technology is an innovative technology creating new materials with world-first functions through the convergence of material technologies from various industrial areas such as IT, BT, ET, and NT.

[Source: Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology (“Trends in New Materials Technology and Convergence Technology”)]

e.g. Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell(DSSC) materials: TiO2 (Photocatalytic materials) + Dye (Dying Materials)

Educational Vision

  • To foster global top-class creative talents and workplace-based high-quality personnel in the field of convergence materials
  • To implement the strategic values of Global, Convergence, and Humanity by building an innovative engineering education system to foster top global leaders to control the quality of human life