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  • Convergence-based Creative Informatics CK Project Team

Convergence-based Creative Informatics CK Project Team

Why Creative Informatics?

Global Issues: “Work, Learning & Health”

  • Health is a subject of growing interest as society ages rapidly while the average human lifespan is being extended thanks to improved nutrition and advancements in medical science.
  • The job crisis is aggravated by low growth rates, as the elderly population (people 65 and older) has risen in terms of share of the overall population (from 16% to 25%), resulting in decreases in the working-age population and productivity growth rates, and the current job crisis we are experiencing.
  • In contrast to the increasing desire for work among the youth, early retirees, and aged community, job creation rates are dropping, resulting in increased competition for existing jobs. As a consequence, enhancement of capabilities for continued self-innovation through lifelong learning is needed in order to rectify the situation.
  • In the future society, sustaining health (Sustainable Welfare Society), developing continued skills for self-innovation (Learning for Global Professionals), and creating jobs and new areas of competitiveness (Innovative Job Creation) are the three most critical global issues.
  • Global issues refer to “the fields expected to generate high-value-added jobs and solid growth in the future, which cannot be resolved without the convergence of related areas.”

The Advent of the Age of Big Data and the Importance of Informatics

  • Today, massive amounts of data and information are accumulated in the form of Big Data in all sectors of society. Handling and utilizing such exponentially growing amounts of information is becoming a major social challenge.
  • It has, therefore, become a social issue to solve the problems emerging from Big Data in each of the diverse sectors of the society and create new businesses and products using Big Data.
  • Informatics is the key to solving problems related to Big Data in each social sector by use of software technology.

Creative Informatics

  • Creative Informatics is a field of study involving multidisciplinary convergence in efforts to develop new knowledge and value from meanings discovered or created in Big Data produced from the convergence of multiple organically connected domains.
  • Creativity (Ability to Generate and Solve Creative Problems) + Informatics (Domain Knowledge + SW Utilization Skills)
  • Creative Informatics is a study that targets the discovery and solving of problems through the convergence of domain knowledge and SW technology in systematic processes, and the creation of new knowledge and value.
  • Creative Informatics is a creatively extended concept of existent informatics to solve problems through the use of domain-specific SW technology.