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  • Global Construction Engineering CK Project Team (GCE Project Team)

Global Construction Engineering CK Project Team (GCE Project Team)


  • The Global Construction Engineering Professional Development Project Team, with Korea’s highest level of faculty and research capacities, maintains standard educational programs and, going further, the convergence of architectural and civil engineering. The Project Team takes control of the quality of education with the Engineering Certification system, strengthens research capacities through BK21, and continues to pursue consistent industry-university cooperative programs, establishing a basic framework for the Global Construction Engineering CK Project.

Educational Vision

  • To establish the preeminent academy for fostering leaders in global construction engineering
  • The Global Construction Engineering Professionals Development Project Team has set its primary direction of making the best of strengths and opportunity elements secured by Korea’s construction and engineering industry, and going forward to establish new educational programs focused on resolving weak or questionable elements.