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  • Data Science (Undergraduate Level)

Data Science (Undergraduate Level)

Extra-curricular Camps

Issue Camp, Statistics/Coding Camp, and Global Data Science Camp are run during school breaks as a foundation for training data scientists.

Issue Camp (Major Reinforcement Seminar)

  • Student-organizers lead seminars and forums on topics related to majors in Library and Information Science and Data Science to exercise classroom theories into practice.
  • The purpose of the ‘issue camp’ is not only to continue students’ academic activities during school breaks, but also to share their opinions by providing them academic environments.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their academic activities to out of classrooms to gain new perspectives through novel learning and fellowships.
  • The topics for the first Issue Camp (2015): Open Access, The Internet of Things

Coding Camp/Statistics Camp

  • Systematic classes are designed to reinforce professionalism in majors through courses at the camp based on students’ needs.
  • The purpose of the Coding/Statistics Camp is to reinforce basic capabilities and enhance understanding of core courses, which cannot be fully covered during the semester.
  • It is to improve understanding of classes and abilities of application through intensive programs with the help of experts in fields of statistics and computer programming.
  • Topics of 2015 Winter Coding/Statistics Camp: Basic Statistics/R-Programming Ⅰ
  • Topics of 2015 Summer Coding Camp: R-Programming I/ Python-Programming
  • Topics of 2016 Winter Coding Camp: SPSS/ R-Programming Ⅱ
  • Topics of 2016 Summer Camp: R-Programming/ Python
  • Topics of 2017 Winter Camp: Basic R-Programming/ Basic Python

Global Data Science Camp

  • Education @ University of Washington, Seattle
  • Visit Microsoft, Gates Global Libraries, Boeing, Amazon, Socrata, Tableau, Seattle
    Open Data Initiative, Insitutue for Health Metrics and Evaluation
  • Students have opportunities to experience iSchool courses from in a prestigious American university and take part in academic exchanges.
  • Students can broaden their perspectives and gain global minds by visiting renowned business companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, and Tableau.
  • Students have various artistic and cultural experiences by visiting historic and cultural places.
  • 2014 (Feb. 2, 2015 - Feb. 14, 2015)
  • 2015 (July 20, 2015 - Aug. 1, 2015)
  • 2016 (Feb. 6, 2017 - Feb. 18, 2017)

Interview Videos of Students at the Global Data Science Camp, Winter 2015

iSchool iSpeaker (Distinguished Lecture) Series

A minimum of six special lectures from world-distinguished researchers and working professionals in the fields of Library and Information Science and Data Science are held every year to make students motivated by their research and work.

- 2014~2016 iSpeaker (Distinguished Lecture) Series of the iSchool CK-II Project Team

2014~2016 iSpeaker (Distinguished Lecture) Series of the iSchool CK-II Project Team list
Session Date Speakers Belonging to Titles
1 09.19, 2014 Dr. Il-Yeol Song Drexel University Big Data Technologies, Use Cases, and Research Issues
2 10.28, 2014 Dr. Kathleen Burnett Florida State University The Role of Public Libraries in Early Literacy Development
3 10.28, 2014 Dr. Gary Burnett Florida State University Information Words: Theory to Practice
4 11.27, 2014 Bang-Bon Goo SAS Korea Successful Examples of Big Data Analysis and Prospects for Data Scientists
5 12.01, 2014 Dr. Helen Tibbo University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Data Curation
6 12.08, 2014 Chang-Han Lee Senior Specialist Commissioner, National Assembly Age of Creative Economics: Directions for Policies on ICT and Big Data
7 12.19, 2014 Dr. Kyoo-Sung Noh Chairman, Society of Digital Policy and Management The Future of Big Data and Data Scientists
8 03.25, 2015 Kyeong-Hoon An YAP Developer The Business Model for Big Data-Based O2O Commerce Platform
9 04.15, 2015 Dr. Jonggun Lee Data Scientist, UN Global Pulse(UNGP) Driving Big Data Revolution for Sustainable Development
10 04.22, 2015 Dr. Katie Davis Professor, University of Washington The App Generation: How Today's Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World 
11 04.22, 2015 Dr. Jennifer Preece Dean, University of Maryland Citizen Science: People and Technology
12 05.27, 2015 Dr. Eun-Kyoung Choe Professor, Penn State University Quantified Self Movement: From Personal Data to Visualization Insights
13 07.17, 2015 Dr. David Reitter Professor, Penn State University Large Scale Language Data as a Window into the Mind
14 07.17, 2015 Dr. Jevin West Professor, University of Washington Data Cartography: Managing Knowledge Network
15 09.10, 2015 Dr. Gil-Young Song Vice President, Daumsoft Inc. Don’t Imagine and Observe
16 11.04, 2015 Dr. Kyujin Cho President, LAONLAP Predicting the Demand of Travel Packages through Travel Data Analysis
17 12.02, 2015 Ki Byung Kim Chief Data Officer, Seoul Metropolitan Government Innovation in e-Government Services Based on Big Data
18 12.08, 2015 Dr. Jian Qin Syracuse University Data Science and What it Means to Library and Information Science
19 12.08, 2015 Dr. Xia Lin Drexel University Knowledge Graph: From Metadata to information Visualization and Back
20 12.08, 2015 Dr. Marcia Zeng Kent University Smart Data for Digital Humanities
21 03.04, 2016 Dr. Il-Yeol Song Drexel University Smart Aging
22 03.16, 2016 Dr. Matthew Saxton Univ. of Washington, Seattle Urban Informatics, Digital Storytelling, and Information Behavior
23 05.17, 2016 Dr. Wayne De Fremery Sogang University Computational Bibliography and the Sociology of Data—Korean Poetry and the Poetics of Data
24 05.31, 2016 Dr. Chongsuhk Lee Head of Big Data Center
Shinhan Card
Big Data in Humanities and Social Sciences
25 09.06, 2016 Dr. Christopher Lee University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Getting to the Good Bits: Enabling Access to Born-Digital Materials at Multiple Levels of Representation
26 09.22, 2016 Jonghwan Park Head of Kakao Navigation Team, Daum Kakao Success Story of a Popular Navigation App, Kim Gisa
27 11.01, 2016 Sari Feldman Former President of ALA(American Library Association) Libraries Transform
28 11.15, 2016 Waltraut Ritter Founder, Knowledge Dialgues Data Governance in Smart Cities

Plans to Support for Successful Execution of iSchool CK-II Project

The Department of Library and Information Science at SKKU will implement its iSchool CK-II project faithfully and successfully in order to help students experience convergence education and secure their career goals upon graduation.

  • As for faculty members, the Department of Library and Information Science plans to hire three new full-time professors by 2018 and raise the ratio of lectures given by full-time professors from the current rate of 53.8% to 67%, or two-thirds of the total number of lectures.
  • English lectures in data science fields are expected to be increased to about 60% from the current ratio of 44%.
  • A Professionals with a doctorate degree was hired to provide support in data science and student-centered mentoring as well as to implement extra-curricular programs and career guidance. The administrative staff takes full charge of the iSchool data science programs in Creative Office, the University Education Innovation Center, through the cooperative relationship with various convergence programs of the university.
  • The equipment in the computer lab of the Department of Library and Information Science was replaced to create a more advanced user-friendly environment in early 2015.
  • Small-sized labs will be installed within the department for undergraduate students to make students engage in various experiments and research projects. Employment support programs such as mentoring and internship, unique to LIS will be launched as well.

Contact info for Interdisciplinary Program, “Data Science” & iSchool:
02-760-1175 / shpark29@skku.edu175 / shpark29@skku.edu