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Basic Convergence Project

Basic Convergence Project is composed with neighbor universities, groups of various majored students, and different years come up with a team to discover local and global society issues. Students will learn ‘Creative Problem-Solving Skills(Design Thinking) then will apply those multilateral method to put forth to solve problems.


  • ① Team expenses are provided
    ② Issue Design Thinking Workshop
    ③ Specialist Mentoring Provided
  • ④ Scholarship and President certificate of award grant for First-Prized awarded team
    ⑤ Support patent application after in-house judge
    ⑥ C-School Certificate (if 新3품제 applied, you can earn 50 hrs of Extra-Curricular Program complete)
Detailed project activity process
Program Details Content
Introductory Workshop
Understanding Convergence Activity & Team Building)
● Introduce the process of Basic Convergence Project and complete team building
● Lecture about Creative Problem Recognition Methodology(Design Thinking) & Team Building
Discover Convergent relevant topics
(Convergent thinking approach & Discovery of problem)
● Discovery of investigation Activity(Research, Select and visit related topic specialist)
● Liaison with topic specialists after visit (Final Judge)
Idea Exhibition
(Convergent Idea presentation & development
● Project Presentation & Specialist Feedback
● Assessment from specialists and Peers
Creative Problem-Solving Period
Specifically define creative idea
● Prototype Editing & refinement procedure
● Visit specialists of problem-solving refinement
Hackathon Program
Idea Completion & draw a results
● 2 nights camp training, Concentration time for problem-solving
● Complete final results
Results Presentation
(Final evaluation & Proposal of Commercialization)
● Convergence Solution Final Presentation
● Presentation evaluation & Award Ceremony

Basic Convergence Project Photos