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Self-cultivation Civilization Awareness

Guided by Sungkyunkwan University’s founding philosophy of self-cultivation, the program has been developed for the purpose of cultivating talents. It fosters three sub-components of civic consciousness – critical social engagement, sense of morality, and respect for differences. Participants will first study about civic awareness on an issue in class, and later volunteer on-site to have hands-on experience to empathize and develop awareness of relevant social issues.


  • ① Full financial support provided
    ② Humanism Certificate of self-development part 4 hrs
    ③ Issue Certificate of completion
  • ④ FYE Seminar Certificate
    ⑤ Volunteer hours(vary in program)
Program Section Program details
Self-cultivation Civilization Awareness In Campus(Lecutre) ● A three-step activity of self-understanding, ability to understand others, and understanding of problem to learn about the social issue of the session.
● Self-reflection of one’s type based on MBTI personality test result,
● Interact with others with different MBTI types and embrace the differences and come to a mutual agreement.
Self-cultivation Civilization Awareness Out Campus (Volunteer) ● An opportunity to experience the topics learned in campus on the site
● Volunteer on site in order to enhance sympathy and awareness of problems