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Sungkyun Global Creativity Challenger

Sungkyun Global Creativity Challenger program allows students to identify themselves as global creative leader to approach global issues with proactive means of resolutions. The program empowers students to realize one’s dream by providing complete leverage to plan and implement their exploration of ideas. Various activities such as domestic and overseas field trips, and follow-up research will bring forth broad range of perspectives and knowledge for students to solve the problems in practical situations.


  • ① A small grant flight tickets/insurance fee/accommodation provided
    ② A small grant of research support provided
  • ③ Creativity Explore(3 credits) or Creativity Certificate(Choose 1)
Section Details
Recruitment & Application Selection ● Recruitment: Team building, Challenge Planning, Academic adviser professor confirmation
● Selection: Application & Interviewee Screening
Orientation ● Program Introduction and Team building
● Abroad Visit Safety Orientation & Meeting with Challenger Program Senior Participants
Mentoring & Domestic Explore ● Mentoring(Academic adviser professor , Specialist etc)
● Visit Domestic Institution with given task
Abroad Explore ● Visit Domestic/Abroad Specialist & institution
● Online mentoring with researchers & mentors
Follow-up Research ● Mid-meeting
● Special writing lecture, 1:1 Mentoring
● Submit final report & Evaluation
● Composition of final results
Sharing Results ● Sharing Results on Performance Exhibition
● Announce Results & Evaluation
● Program Promotion & Establishment