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Abroad Convergence Project

Abroad Convergence Project is a short-term international convergence program that involves SKKU students and students from other overseas universities to go through various activities together and come up with prototypical problem-solving method. The project ensures students to experience cultural diversity by collaborating with others from different backgrounds and increase global competency.


  • ① Flight ticket provided
    ② Accommodation & Meals provided
  • ③ Issue Certificate of Participation
Project progress
Contents Detail contents
Recruitment ● Post Recruitment Notification on SKKU official homepage / Email to program researcher
Application Screening & Interviewee List Announcement ● Announcement of interviewee list posted on SKKU official homepage
Interview Screening ● Selecting after English Interview
Final Applicant Announcement ● Final Applicant List posted on SKKU official homepage
Orientation ● All applicants must attend
Explore Abroad ● The program details and visiting countries are subject to change depending on invited university conditions
Submit final report & Results Presentation ● Results Presentation of Participation Evaluation